I have always been passionate about helping people with what I have learned from my own life experiences and over 20 years as an entrepreneur. I grew up with an immigrant family and was the first one to be born in the United States and in the beginning it seemed everyone to have money, but everyone seemed to have more money than we did. I realized at a very young age that money solves problems.

People are less stressed when the bills are paid. People have space to think when they aren’t stressed about money. And money gives people freedom in what you do with your time. I became obsessed with how people earned money, and launched more than a dozen “mini-businesses” before the age of thirteen. I learned that there is no secret to making money. Anyone can make money. All you need is a decent product and a customer who is willing to pay for it.

This doesn’t mean that you will make the amount of money you need to build the life you want, and it doesn’t mean you will enjoy the time you spend working on your business. This all means that you will quit probably doing your business long before its successful. They key to making lots of money is find something that you love doing more than anything in the world, and DOING it.

Building a business of your own requires you to invest tons of time in a dream that only you believe in. It can be overwhelming and frustrating and sometimes downright scary.

There is no secret road map to building a business around the work you love to do, but here are a few things I have learned over the years and I am more then happy to share with you.

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