1. Use cash 💸

Using cash to pay for transactions can also be a great way to budget — and to confront where you’re spending your money. When using cash, you physically open your purse, versus simply swiping or tapping a card. You’ll be much more likely to consider whether you really need that $4.50 latte. 😉

2. Take steps to actively shift your thinking around financial freedom 🤔

In order to achieve financial freedom, you have to first change your way of thinking about money. This means doing things like embracing delayed gratification, and reducing impulsive buys. It feels good to live within your means — and being able to put some money aside allows for greater financial freedom in the long run (more on that below).

3. Pay yourself first and have an account for fun money 💰

Always make sure to pay yourself first before you do anyone else, because when you have savings you could be more relaxed and happier. You will make decisions in a more calm and objective state of mind and generally wiser.

4. Get rewarded for regular spending 😎

Many people have done extensive research on how you can use your day-to-day spending to let you travel for free among other perks. Lots of major credit cards offer rewards programs (just make sure you pay off the balance in full each month!). In addition to travel perks, you can also get points for spending, which can lead to further benefits — cash back, gift cards, you name it. Perfect timing for those sneaky summer trips…

5. Spend less where you can 👀

Let’s face it: we’re all guilty of spending money on subscriptions that we don’t really use, whether it’s that foreign affairs magazine you haven’t opened for six weeks or the expensive gym membership you haven’t used for six months. It’s a good idea to sort through these subscriptions every once in a while to make sure that you’re not wasting money on a service you don’t even benefit from.

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